Connecting Private Buyers with Private Sellers

Here's the best part of our impressive services:


Searching for a specific vehicle can sometimes be a time consuming and indiscreet proposition, so why not have us handle both in a confidential and professional manner.


Selling a car is a task no one looks forward to. None of us want to deal with tire kickers and time wasters, so let us sift through the noise until we locate a serious buyer.


Shipping a car is all about care, communication, and cost. Regardless of whatever your priority is, we have all 3 C's covered.


Assessing a car takes a special set of skills, the right hands, eyes, and market acumen that all play a role in assuring that you know where your car stands within the market place.

Testimonial of the week

Rick has been a huge asset to M Coupe Buyers Guide and Car Enthusiast Guides as a whole. His technical knowledge combined with his market wisdom gives him a unique perspective on the collector car market.

Jon Martin - M Coupe Buyers Guide